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Qatzrin - The Capital of the Golan Heights


Qatzrin - a treasure chest of nature and quality of life in the heart of the Golan Heights. The town is surrounded by breathtaking views: to the south, the enchanting scenery of the Sea of Galilee; to the north, Mt. Hermon in all its majesty and to the west, the rolling green hills of the Galilee.

 city of Qatzrin, photo by Tal Glik

Qatzrin was founded in 1977, following a government decision that declared populating the Golan Heights as a primary goal.


As the capital of the Golan, Qatzrin was planned to serve as an urban center providing diverse services to the rural localities and IDF bases dispersed throughout the Golan Heights.


The population of Qatzrin has now reached some 7500, of which 30% are immigrants from the former Soviet Union and it is expected to grow into a city of 25,000 residents.


Since is founding, Qatzrin has developed steadily, including construction of new residential apartments and homes at attractive prices, a state-of-the-art education system and academic centers that serve residents of the entire region, outstanding industrial enterprises and centers of culture and leisure activity. In short - everything a family and children need - a quality of life comparable to only a few places in Israel.



The education system in Qatzrin, which serves all ages, is exemplary in terms of formal student achievements as well as physical and human resources. The top-priority status that the residents and local council attach to education has produced a well-developed, modern and diverse education system: day-care centers, religious and nonreligious preschools, the Gamla Elementary School and Bedarkei Noam state religious school and Nofei Golan comprehensive regional high school, with a student body of over 1000.


Qatzrin's growing academic complex houses Ohelo College, an academic institution for teacher training, and the Golan Research Institute, now located in a residential apartment, is planned to relocate here, as well.


Leisure and Culture

The Qatzrin Community Center is the focus of the community and social life of the town. It reaches out to all sectors of the population and all age groups, offering activities in education, culture, sport and other leisure fields.

Early education activities are open to parents and toddlers, who enjoy art, music, sports and English classes.

 Ancient Qatzrin, photo by Rina Nagila

Ancient Qatzrin

photo by Rina Nagila


For children aged 6-12, there is a research and a study project to encourage enrichment and excellence, as well as sports and martial arts classes.

The teenagers spend their free time in an open social club, youth movements and courses for young counselors.


Adults engage in sports, art workshops, classes and a choral group. The seniors group is constantly busy with programs at the Senior Citizen Center and specially tailored tours.


Our flagship projects are the dance studio, the music studio and the religious community center, which contributes to an atmosphere of mutual tolerance and respect between the religious and non-religious in our community.

The new modern health club offers an indoor swimming pool, gym, spa facilities and tennis courts.



Golan Heights Winery, photo by Rina NagilaQatzrin is the center of tourism in the Golan Heights, offering visitors a wide range of experiences and attractions.


The Kisrin ancient Talmudic village, where Jews resided for centuries until it was destroyed by an earthquake 1300 years ago, gives new the city its name. The village features a magnificent, partially reconstructed synagogue and the ruins of residential buildings.


The Talmud Experience at Ancient Qatzrin Park includes two fascinating adaptations of stories from the Mishnaic period, presented inside a building designed to simulate an ancient synagogue, with murals and a mosaic floor.

The Golan Antiquities Museum displays many archeological artifacts that were discovered in the Golan Heights, as well as a fascinating audiovisual presentation on the story of Gamla, the city renowned for its heroic resistance during the Jewish Revolt against the Romans.


Golan Magic (Kessem Hagolan), a modern visitor center, includes a multi-sensory presentation, shown on a 180-degree screen and a huge model of the Golan Heights, including full explanation in several languages.


Growing Industry

The fine Golan Heights Winery and Mei Eden Mineral Water have gained an international reputation, earning Qatzrin a name as "the city of water and wine."

These industries serve as the major employers in the area and contribute significantly to tourism in Qatzrin and the Golan Heights with their state-of-the-art visitor centers.


The nearby Golan Olive Oil Mill produces high-quality olive oil and cosmetics. At its visitors center tourists learn about production method and taste the oils.

The well-kept industrial park also includes Ramat Hagolan Dairies, which produces long-life milk, the Banda Plast factory, Night Light Technologies, which developed sophisticated night vision systems and the Technological Incubator, where dozens of scientists develop innovative projects.


Hutzot Hagolan, a project that connects the industrial park to Qatzrin Park, is a commercial and tourist center, housing a supermarket, restaurants, stores and other amenities.


The Golan Brewery, well worth a visit, manufactures different types of fresh, unpasteurized beer.


A Green City

In the past year Qatzrin has begun to develop a plan to increase public awareness of the environment. In the upcoming months Qatzrin plans to establish a PELA (Waste to Energy) Center. As part of the program, students will collect waste from the residents for recycling at the center.


In addition, the schools and preschools conduct educational activities and projects aimed at increasing the children's awareness of recycling and higher-quality life.


Our aim is to become a truly green city within a short period.

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